Character Creation

Character creation will be done as presented in Book 1 (p.200+). Listed here are some considerations when creating your character.

Your characters will start out (and perhaps stay) in the village of Baile Den-Tur. Try to tie your character into the game world and your home village as much as possible. Think about family, friends, enemies, contacts, mentors, etc. Your character may come from elsewhere, but give them a reason to have been here long enough to get acquainted with the village.

Ethnicity: The vast majority of Baile Den-Tur are Tri-Kazelians. Osag, Tarish, and Contintentals would really stand out. You will need a good reason as to why he/she is here. Eg. Perhaps you are the last surviving member of a Tarish group that were slaughtered by bandits or Feonda who found his/her way to this village a few years ago.

Professions: All of the professions are available, just some things to bear in mind with these particular ones.
Demorthen: (Druid/Wizard) Well respected by most of the community as they still follow the old ways. There are only a handful in any area, I’ll ask no more than one character is a Demorthen.
Knight: You are almost certainly a Hilderin Knight under the command of Tòrr Ceann Mac Branain.
Magientist: (Steampunk-esque scientist) There is probably only two Magientists in the entire barony, an apprentice and their mentor. They are here to keep the Bath running. If you choose this (and again I ask only one at most) you will be a pariah in the community.
Religious of the Temple: (Cleric/Paladin) The Temple has a very small flock here in Baile Den-Tur. Of the six orders of The Temple only four are possible here: Priest, Blade Knight, Vector, and Cleric. The Baron and the community only put up with it because of the Baroness. Within this small sub-community you will be respected and supported, the greater community will always look at you with suspicion. Again, no more than one character please.
Varigal: This one’s tricky. Your job is to travel. Why are you here in Baile Den-Tur for a potentially extended period? Home town perhaps?

The Ways: See Rules for your options in choosing your Ways.

Character Creation

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